Luthiers are demanding woodworkers. Their work is precise and artistic, and much of it is done by hand. Years ago when Diefenbacher Tools was starting out, our family’s history of fine violin making sparked our interest in violin making tools, which we have carried every since. Some of our luthier tools include:

  • Our pear-handled palm tools from Two Cherries, which are well suited for the precise fitting and paring work necessary for instrument or bow making. Two Cherries also makes an inside bevel gouge suitable for carving the corners of violin family instruments.
  • The long-handled violin gouges made in Austria by Stubai. The extra long handle is designed with instrument makers in mind, making the carving of violin plates quicker and easier.
  • Ibex violin planes, which come in a variety of sizes and are one of our most popular items. These bronze cast planes are made in the USA. Ibex also makes purfling tools.
  • Violin knives made by Hock Tools, a company in California specializing in high quality blades.

We have tested and evaluated each brand before including it in our catalogue to ensure your woodworking pleasure.

Sometimes a customer who is new to woodworking will ask us about the best way to sharpen their new tools. The video below is a good introduction to sharpening a gouge by woodcarving teacher Mary May. In this very thorough lesson she covers the different types of sharpening stones, bevel angles, using a strop, and gives plenty of tips on the basic techniques you need to sharpen your own gouges. A great resource for beginners to learn how to sharpen their new violin or guitar making tools! Mary also has lessons on sharpening a V tool, a spoon gouge, and other more specialized gouges.