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Stubai Drawknife

Stubai is one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of fine edge tools for woodworkers. These drawknives are hand forged from high carbon steel then hardened and tempered to hold a sharp edge. The Stubai drawknife is a mid-size tool which is useful for general woodworking applications such as timber and log work and furniture making. The handles are slightly offset from the blade.

The cutting edge is 9 1/4” long x 1” wide. Overall length, 17”.

Description Stock Number Price Purchase
Stubai Drawknife STU-200 $48.00 Add to Cart



3 Drawknives.jpg (8747 bytes) Arno Drawknives

Drawknives have long been used to quickly and efficiently remove large quantities of wood.  If you carve, sculpt or shape wood, these fine tools will be a welcome and well used addition to your tool collection.  Forged from very high quality steel, these heavy duty drawknives are pre-sharpened and come with a leather sheath to protect the cutting edge. Available in flat, concave and convex blade styles.

Overall length, 13 1/2"
Cutting edge length, 5 3/4".

Made in France

Description Stock Number Price Purchase
  Flat Drawknife 847-1100 $69.95 Add to Cart
Convex Drawknife 847-1200 $69.95 Add to Cart
Concave Drawknife 847-1300 $69.95 Add to Cart
Set of 3 Drawknives 847-1500 Save on the set!    $169.95 Add to Cart


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Two Cherries Drawknives

The best German steel is forged into sturdy, traditional blades fitted with a comfortable hardwood handle.

The large tool has a 9" cutting edge, overall length of 15" and is suitable for heavy duty work. 

The small drawknife has a 5.5" slightly curved cutting edge, overall length of 12" and is most useful for lighter jobs where a large tool would be awkward.

Note: You may wonder why the small drawknife costs more than the large one. The answer....the curved blade on the small tool has a more complex and difficult to forge shape and profile.


Stock Number Description Price Purchase
500-1320 Large Drawknife $56.70 Add to Cart
500-1350 Small Drawknife $88.85 Add to Cart



Carver's Drawknife

Traditional Drawknives are workhorse tools capable of fast wood removal or, in the hands of a skilled artisan, detailed shaping and carving. This tool is a scaled down version of it's larger relatives. The compact size makes it much easier to handle for smaller, more intricate work.

Features include
a heavy, stout blade, ball shaped wood handles and a leather case.

Overall length is 12".  Cutting edge is 4" long.
Made in France
by Arno

Description Stock Number Price Purchase
 Carver's Drawknife 847-1050 $67.65 Add to Cart


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English Heavy Duty Drawknife

If your work calls for a large, sturdy drawknife, this is the tool you are looking for. Forged from Sheffield steel, this heavy duty tool features a 1 3/4" wide blade and a 10" cutting edge. The large, comfortable beech wood handles are permanently attached to the blade ensuring a lifetime of superior service. Overall length: 16 1/4".

Description Stock Number Price Purchase
English Drawknife 20265 $89.95 Add to Cart




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