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New! Let your favorite woodworker choose their own fine tools.  Click here for gift certificate information. 


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Six Piece Woodcarvers Starter Set

Quality tools in this price range are hard to find. Too often inexpensive tools are stamped from inferior steel and will not hold an edge.  We are pleased to offer this six piece set of hand-forged, hand-ground tools. These high carbon steel carvers will exceed your expectations for affordable, small tools made for the beginner or detail carver. 

Set includes, 3/8" curved gouge, 3/8" straight chisel, 3/8" skew chisel, 1/4" curved gouge, 5/16" deep gouge and 1/4" V tool.
Overall length 6 1/2".

These tools are sharp but some honing may be required.

Description Stock Number Price Purchase

Starter Set

K1 $45.00

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Woodworker's Key Chain

Here's a new product that is sure to please the woodworker or woodcarver on your Father's Day list!  This miniature version of the famous Two Cherries carving tools is made from the same fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship as it's full size brothers.  The German steel blade (dulled for safety) is hardened and polished and the octagon Hornbeam handle is a perfect replica of the "real thing".  Tool length is 4".

Keychain.jpg (10841 bytes)
515-3250 Woodworker's Key Chain $23.50 Add to Cart


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Special Two Cherries Chisel Sets
4 pc special.jpg (14959 bytes) Two Cherries Special Chisel Sets

Two Cherries has introduced these special sets for shoppers looking for the best tools at an affordable price.  These chisels are forged from the same quality German steel as our standard tools and in every way represent European tool making at its best.  The difference is cosmetic, the blades are finely ground but left unpolished.  Eliminating this step allows us to offer these sets at a substantial savings and in no way compromises the quality and utility of these chisels. 

4 piece set sizes include: 10mm(3/8"), 16mm (5/8"), 20mm (3/4") and 26mm (1").  Packed in a nicely crafted hardwood box.

6 piece set sizes include: 6mm, 10mm,12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 26mm. Packed in a nicely crafted hardwood box.

Stock # Description Price Purchase
500-9050 Special 4 pc. Set $135.95   Add to Cart
500-9060 Special 6 pc. Set $168.55  Add to Cart


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Two Cherries Boxed Chisel Set

Two Cherries Chisels are made of the highest quality German steel. The blades are skillfully heat-treated using an immersion bath method to achieve a hardness of Rc 61.  This means that sharpening may take a few extra minutes, but they will hold an edge significantly longer than almost any other chisel made.  After heat treating, the blades are polished to a rich finish that makes them a joy to use.  The final step is fitting a fine, steel hooped hornbeam handle.

Many of our customers wish to upgrade to a professional, "serious" chisel.   Although other brands may claim this status, few can compare to the quality and edge retention capabilities of our Two Cherries German-made chisels.

6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 26mm sizes (1/4" through 1").

TC w box.jpg (32448 bytes)


6 pc. Boxed Chisel Set


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TC 6 Set in Leather.jpg (7655 bytes) Two Cherries 6 Pc Chisel Set with Leather Tool Roll

The quality German steel used in these fine tools is hardened and tempered to Rc 61 and the mirror polished blades are guaranteed to hold a sharp edge, even in the hardest woods.  Two Cherries chisels have consistently been ranked among the finest chisels in the world in major woodworking magazine tests.  This six piece set comes with a 10 pocket suede leather tool roll designed to protect the chisels durning storage and transport.  The soft, durable leather roll includes a leather tie strap for securing the roll when closed.  This beautiful set makes an impressive gift, for you or a lucky woodworking friend!


6 Pc Chisel Set with Leather Roll


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TC Carving Kit.jpg (91261 bytes) Two Cherries Boxed Carving Sets

These are a great starter sets for the beginning carver.  The carving tools are a scaled down version (about 8" overall length compared to the 10" length of the full size tools) of the Two Cherries full size tools and are perfect for detail work and smaller carvings. The carving tools and knives in these sets are hand forged, top quality tools designed for a wide variety of carving projects.  The kits include a sharpening stone and are packed in a well crafted hardwood box.  (The box has a lid, which is not shown in the photo to the left.)

11 Pc. Set contents: 8mm straight chisel, 10mm skew chisel, 6mm medium gouge, 8mm medium gouge, 2mm veiner gouge, 6mm V tool, detail knife, short edge skew knife, double edge knife, bench knife, sharpening stone (30mm x 80mm). Packed in a fine wooden box.

7 Pc. Set contents: 8mm straight chisel, 6mm medium gouge, 6mm V tool, dougle edge knife, skew knife, detail knife and sharpening stone. Packed in a fine wooden box.


11pc. Carving Set


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7pc. Carving Set


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