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 Diefenbacher Tools is moving!! We are relocating to Colorado and will need to halt business
activities for one week while we get set up in our new location. You can place your order
and we will pack and ship on or about March 12. Thanks for your business!


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bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Carving Tools bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sharpening Equipment
Two Cherries Slipstones
11 pc. Carving Set Combination India Stone
Micro Carving Tool Set Honing Guide
Carving Sets Strop and Abrasive Powder
Dastra Carving Tools Sharpening Guide  (Book)
Dastra Palm Tools Small Slipstone Set
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Turning Tools bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) New Products
Diefenbacher Brand Tri Hone Sharpening System
Robert Larson HSS Tools Dovetail Chisels
Turning Sets Curved Paring Chisels
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Paring Chisels bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Saws
Diefenbacher Brand Brass Back Saw
New-Diefenbacher Paring Gouge Dozuki Saw
English Skew Chisels Bow Saw
Dovetail Chisels English Dovetail Saw
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Chisels and Gouges bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Luthier's Tools
Diefenbacher Brand Carving Tools
Two Cherries Chisels
Specialty Chisels Violin Knives
Butt Chisels Bronze Spokeshaves
Palm Chisels German Pocket Planes
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Mortise Chisels bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Knives
Two Cherries Carving Knives
Heavy English Mortise Chisels Two Cherries Chip Knives
Swan Neck Chisels Violin Knives
Specialty Chisels Micro Knives
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Accessories bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Adzes, Scorps, Inshaves
Tool Roll Adzes, Scorps and Inshaves
Carvers Mallets Drawknives
Prepared Scraper bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sale Items
Angle Checker Diefenbacher Brand Tools
Replacement Tool Handles 11 pc. Carving Set
Carver's Bench Carving Tools
Brass Caliper bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Planes and Spokeshaves
Burnishers Low Angle Block Plane
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Gift Ideas Miniature Planes
Chisel Set in Wooden Box German Pocket Planes
Carving Kit Spokeshaves
11 pc. Carving Set Wooden Smooth Plane
Brass Caliper Ibex Violin Makers Planes
Prepared Scraper bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Hammers/Mallets
Gift Certificate Cabinetmakers Hammer
Special Chisel Set in Wooden Box English Warrington Hammer
Woodcarvers Starter Set Brass Mallet
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Books/DVD Brass Hammers
The Complete Guide to Sharpening Urethane Carver's Mallet
How to Carve Wood Dead Blow Assembly Mallet
The Woodworkers Guide to Hand Tools Angico Carver's Mallet
Turning Wood bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Layout Tools
Two Cherries Sharpening DVD Mini Marking and Layout Set
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Hand cut Rasps Stainless Steel Rules
Rasps Brass Caliper
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Vise and Clamps Fractional Caliper
Wood Carver's Vise Rosewood Awl
Deep Reach C Clamp Wheel Marking Gauge
Cam Clamp Rosewood & Brass Squares
Divider and Pencil Compass


A-Z Alphabetical Index


Adjustable Square 12" Engineer's Square Scraper Set in Leather Wallet
Adjustable Square 6" English Dovetail Saw Scroll Carving Set
Adzes, Scorps and Inshaves English Skew Chisels Sharpening Guide  (Book)
Angle Checker English Warrington Hammer Sharpening Stone Holder
Angico Carver's Mallet   Slipstones
Assembly Mallet Fractional Caliper Small Slipstone Set
    Specialty Chisels
Books and DVD's German Carver's Mallet Strop
Bow Saw German Pocket Planes Special Chisel Set in Wooden Box
Brace Gift Certificate Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver
Brass Back Saw Gift Ideas Spokeshaves
Brass Carver's Mallet Graduated Engineer's Square Squares
Brass Caliper   Stainless Steel Rules
Brass Hammers Hand Drills Stern Universal Bits
Bronze Spokeshaves Hard Arkansas Slipstone Set Strop and Abrasive Powder
Burnishers Heavy English Mortise Chisels Swan Neck Chisels
Butt Chisels Hook Rules  
  Honing Guide Tri-Hone (Sharpening Stones)
Cabinetmakers Hammer How to Carve Wood (Book) Tool Handles
Carver's Bench   Tool Roll (Canvas and Leather)
Carving Knives Ibex Violin Makers Planes Turning Tools
Carver's Hook   Turning Wood (Book)
Carver's Mallets Luthier Tools Two Cherries Sharpening DVD
Carver's Scorp Leather Tool Roll  
Carver's Spoon Low Angle Block Plane Two Cherries (Chisels)
Carving Sets   Two Cherries (Mortise Chisels)
Carving Tools Mallets Two Cherries Chip Knives
Carver's Vise Marking Knife Two Cherries (Carving Tools)
Chisels Micro Knives  
Chisel Set in Wooden Box Miniature Planes Urethane Carver's Mallet
Combination India Stone    
Corner Chisel Planes Veneer Saw
Curved Paring Chisels Palm Chisels Violin Knives
  Palm Carving Tools Violin Planes
  Palm Plane (Pocket Planes)  
Dastra Carving Tools Divider and Pencil Compass Waterstones
Dastra Palm Tools Prepared Scraper Wheel Marking Gauge
Dead Blow Assembly Mallet Purfling Groove Marker Wooden Smooth Plane
Deep Reach C Clamp   Woodcarver's Starter Set
Diamond Hone Rabbet Plane Woodcarver's Vise
Divider and Pencil Compass Rasps Workbenches
Dovetail Chisels Replacement Tool Handles  
Dovetail Marker Round Edge Slipstones  
Dozuki Saw Rosewood Awl  
Drawknives Rosewood & Brass Squares  


Ordering Information E-mail Us 720-502-6687

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