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Diefenbacher Brand
Sturdy, well made carbon steel turning tools at affordable prices.

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Robert Larson Tools
Professional quality High Speed Steel turning tools.  The blades are made in England and the Ash handles are turned by American craftsmen.

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Turning Tool Sets


wpe193.jpg (13180 bytes) Larson HSS Turning Set

These High Speed Steel turning tools are ranked among the finest in the world.  The Sheffield blades are machined from solid M2 molybdenum based high speed steel and then hardened and tempered to 62 on the Rockwell C scale.  The blades are precision ground and polished leaving a fine, richly finished surface.  The solid Ash handles are turned by American craftsmen and feature a unique shape with a beaded grip and solid brass ferrule.  The handles are finished with oil to enhance the positive grip necessary for fine woodturning. 
Note: Tools require honing before use.  

The 8 tool set contains: 1/4" and 1/2" spindle gouges, 3/4" roughing out gouge, 1/2" and 1" skew chisels, 1/4" parting tool, 3/4" round nose scraper and 1" square nose scraper.

The 5 tool set contains: 3/8" spindle gouge, 3/4" roughing out gouge, 1/2" skew chisel, 1/4" parting tool, and 1/2" round nose scraper.

5 tool Miniature Set contains: 1/8" and 1/4" spindle gouges, 1/4" skew chisel, 1/16" parting tool, 1/4" round nose scraper.

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Set of 8 Turning Tools 920-0150 $349.65

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Set of 5 Turning Tools 920-0100 $199.85

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Set of 5 Miniature Tools 920-0300 $107.50

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Click here for information on individual HSS Turning Tools.

Diefenbacher Turning Set

Our turning tools are forged from premium quality high-carbon steel.   The average blade length is 6" and the clear-grain hardwood handle is 10" long.  These fine tools will meet the requirements of the most demanding turning projects.     
Note: Tools require honing before use.

8 piece set contains: 3/8", 5/8", 1" gouges, 1/2" round nose scraper, 1/2", 1" skew chisels, 1/2" spear point, parting tool.

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Diefenbacher 8 pc. Turning Set 808 $109.90

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