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bd14565_.gif (183 bytes)   Tool Comparison  


We are often asked how the different carving tools we carry compare.  In a way, tools are like automobiles: they all will get you where you want to go, but they come in different styles and models to suit varying tastes and budgets.  We carry two brands of carving tools: Dastra made in Germany and Two Cherries made in Germany. 

The photo shows the two carving tool brands we carry.  From the top Two Cherries, Dastra.  All of these tools are #5 sweep, 20mm gouges.

Use the chart below to select the carving tools that are best for you.

See our collection of the finest European Carving Tools.


Brand Dastra Two Cherries
Country of Manufacture Germany Germany
Hardness (Rc) Rc 59-61 Rc 60-61
Forging Method Hand Forged Hand Forged
Number of Sizes and Sweeps Available Over 200 Over 300
Handle Octagon Hornbeam with external ferrule Octagon Hornbeam with external ferrule
Blade Finish Smooth satin polished backs, ground fronts Mirror polished blades
Price #5-20mm, (3/4") $36.87 $43.75


Need help with carving tool terminology?  Click here for our carving tool glossary.


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Bench Chisel Comparison

Here is a look at the three brands of bevel edge bench chisels we sell.  Each sample in the photo is a 1/2" (12mm) tool.  As you can see the chisels have their own unique handles and blades, and the overall length varies.   From left:   Diefenbacher Brand (11"), Two Cherries (10 1/4") and Stubai Brand (9 3/4"). 

Here is where you can learn more about our selection of European and US made chisels.

Chisel comp..jpg (51210 bytes)


Two Cherries Carving Range.jpg (25413 bytes) Two Cherries Carving Tools

This picture shows the range of carving tools made by Two Cherries.  1) Full size tools, 9"-10" long.  2)  Small (or Euro) size tools, 7"-8" long.   3)  Micro tools, 6" long.  4) Pear Handled tools, 6" long.

Click here to find out more about these fine German tools.


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