Edge Tools

Woodworking with hand tools is a satisfying and rewarding aspect of the craft. At Diefenbacher Tools, we have assembled a selection of fine woodworking tools designed to enhance your woodworking skills and take your work to a higher level of craftsmanship. Edge tools take a variety of shapes and styles, which include:

  • Our popular Stubai drawknives from Austria. These are a useful mid-weight tool good for both furniture-making and log work.
  • A variety of iron spokeshaves made in Germany by Kunz, including a number of styles for different types of shaping.
  • Our Two Cherries tool sets, which are a great gift for your woodworking friends and family.
  • A mortise chisel made in Sheffield, England, a city known for its fine edge tools.

These are just a few of the types of edge woodworking tools we offer; see below for the full list. We have tested and evaluated each brand before including it in our catalogue to ensure your woodworking pleasure.

This video is a good introduction to sharpening carving knives. If you are new to sharpening your own tools, you can learn here about sharpening stones and the basic techniques for getting your knives sharp and ready to use.

For a more detailed and technical discussion of sharpening, see this brief guide by Ron Hock, blade manufacturer and author of The Perfect Edge. This short essay includes information on different sharpening stones, the use of honing guides, and more.