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Carver’s Spoon

825-6550 A very useful tool for controlled hollowing of spoons, bowls, chair seats and other concave surfaces. Used with a scooping motion for fast, precise removal of wood when roughing out carving projects. Solid bronze body with tempered carbon steel blade. Overall length: 6″ blade width: 1 3/8″ $23.95 Add to Cart

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500-2250 The scorp has a single handle with a 1 1/4″wide x 3 1/2″ dia. blade. Made in Germany by Two Cherries. $98.35 Add to Cart

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500-2210 This two handled tool is excellent for cutting deep hollows in chair seats, bowls and other concave forms.
Made in Germany by Two Cherries.Tool width: 7″Blade width: 1 1/4″
$89.45 Add to Cart


Stubai Carver’s Adze

Heavy duty adze for quick removal of wood. Used by bowl makers, sculptors, woodcarvers, timber and log home builders. Made of quality German steel by Stubai.

16″ overall length 2 1//2″ diameter curved blade.

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674502 2 1/2″ Curved Adze $88.00 Add to Cart