Buck Brothers Paring Chisels 

Paring tools, both bent and straight shank, are used for delicate trimming and fitting. The extra-long blade and handle allow you to hold the tool against your body so you can use your weight and motion to achieve a controlled cut not possible with regular chisels.

Straight-shank (bottom photo) and bent-shank (top photo) chisels are available. The bent-shank parers feature a shank that is bent up and away from the blade holding the handle clear of the surface being trimmed. These fine chisels are fitted with a 6 1/4″ maple handle and have an overall blade length of 6 3/4″.

Made in USA by Buck Brothers. Tools require sharpening before use.

**These chisels have been discontinued. The sizes below will be available only as long as our supplies last.**

Stock # Size Price Ea. Purchase
#32-4 Straight 5/8″ $28.00 Add to Cart
#32-7 Straight 1 1/4″ $34.00 Add to Cart
#15-4 Bent 5/8″ $30.00 Add to Cart