German Spokeshaves

Spokeshaves are essential tools for shaping curved surfaces.  They can be used for a variety of tasks from quickly removing large quantities of wood to refining complex shapes.  Every complete woodworking shop has at least a basic spokeshave or two in its tool cabinet.

Flat and Round Bottom Spokeshaves

These are the basic spokeshaves for most shaping work.  The flat bottom tool will work a variety of curved surfaces while the round bottom shave is handy for concave shapes. If you are just adding spokeshaves to your tool collection, these are the essential tools to begin with.  The blade is adjusted with two brass thumbscrews. Cast iron with a 2″ German tool steel blade.  10″ overall length.

Flat Round Spokeshaves Kunz.jpg
Convex and Concave Spokeshaves

The convex spokeshave is used for hollowing bowls, chair seats and other dished surfaces.   Use the concave tool for shaping chair legs and other spindle shaped objects. Cast iron with German tool steel blade. 10″ overall length.

Convex Concave Kunz Spokeshaves.jpg
Adjustable Throat Spokeshave
This unique spokeshave features an adjustable throat opening.  With a very sharp blade and the throat opening set for a fine cut, this tool will produce fine, smooth surfaces.   A great finishing tool for curved work.  Cast iron with German tool steel blade.  10″ overall length.
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Stock Number Price Purchase
Flat Bottom Spokeshave 580-1000 $30.50 Add to Cart
Round Bottom Spokeshave 580-1050 $30.50 Add to Cart
Convex Spokeshave 580-1600 $38.80 Add to Cart
Concave Spokeshave 580-1100 $38.80 Add to Cart
Adjustable Spokeshave 580-1200 $48.95 Add to Cart
Blade for 580-1000, 580-1050 580-1095 $8.80 Add to Cart
Blade for 580-1600 580-1605 $8.45 Add to Cart
Blade for 580-1100 580-1105 $8.45 Add to Cart
Blade for 580-1200 580-1205 $6.30 Add to Cart
Light Spokeshaves

These smaller, lighter spokeshaves are useful for scaled down work where control and finesse are more important than the rapid removal of stock.  Made from the same quality materials as our regular spokeshaves, these lighter tools are available in flat or round bottom styles.   9″ overall length with a 1 3/4″ blade.

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Stock Number Price Purchase
Flat Bottom Kunz Light Spokeshave  (Backordered) 580-1400 $19.95 Add to Cart
Round Bottom Kunz Light Spokeshave 580-1500 $19.95 Add to Cart
Kunz Replacement Blade (fits both styles) 580-1505 $6.25 Add to Cart
Cabinet Scraper

The best tool for scraping large flat surfaces, especially highly figured woods.  The heavy cast iron body dampens vibration and holds the blade at the proper angle for smooth, chatter-free scraping.  Pressure on the blade exerted by the thumbscrew bends the blade slightly for the efficient removal of thin shavings of wood. Put away the sandpaper and enjoy this quiet, dust-free way to smooth wood surfaces. Made in Germany by Kunz.

580-2000 Kunz Cabinet Scraper $50.70 Add to Cart
580-2005 Scraper Replacement Blade $7.60 Add to Cart