Woodirect manufactures and sells professional style workbenches for woodworkers.

Fine Woodworking
One of the best woodworking magazines has one of the best web sites!

The Electronic Neanderthal
The sub-title reads “Traditional Woodworking Resources on the Web”. If you are an old tool buff (the tools are old, that is!) you’ll love the many links to antique tool related web sites.

Music Trader
A whole lot of information and links for makers and repairers of musical instruments.

Guild of American Luthiers
A great organization which publishes American Lutherie magazine.

Creative Woodcraft Plans
Many project plans and a huge list of links to woodworking related sites

David Van Zandt, Violinmaker
For those interested in instrument making, this site is a great resource and a jumping off place to the cyber-world of lutherie.

Handplane Central
Handplane Central is a valuable source of information for all types of handplanes, including wooden planes, infill planes and Stanley type planes. If you want to make a woodworking plane, they have a selection of plans for making planes and are adding new articles every day. So if you’re into planemaking, aspiring to be a planemaker, a hand plane collector or just want to learn about hand planes in general and how to use them then this is a good place to start.

Cordless Power Tools
That and more!