Japanese-knife-1 Japanese Laminated Violin Knife

These special knives are made of two layers of hand forged steel. The soft steel layer provides strength while the hardened steel layer takes a long lasting,very sharp edge. Useful for cutting bridges, f-holes and general trimming tasks. Three styles are available, left, right and double bevel. 1/4″x 6″. Handle not included.

Note: The blade shown in the lower left is right bevel, center is double bevel and upper right is left bevel.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
29121 Right Bevel Laminated knife $28.00 Add to Cart
29131 Left Bevel Laminated Knife $28.00 Add to Cart
29141 Double Bevel Laminated Knife $28.00 Add to Cart


HockVKnives3-1 Hock Violin Knives

Fine high carbon steel knives for the instrument maker, carver, furniture maker or any wood worker needing to make precise, controlled cuts. Double beveled edge.

Made by Hock Tools. Unhandled, 7″ long blade.

Stock Number Size Price Purchase
110-8025 1/4″ Violin Knife $33.00 Add to Cart
110-8050 1/2″ Violin Knife $33.00 Add to Cart

3/4″ Violin Knife

$33.00 Add to Cart