Bit Brace (backordered)



Bit Brace

This exceptional tool is high quality and heavy duty.  All metal components are thick, strong and heavily plated for corrosion resistance.  The high strength plastic plate runs on ball bearings and the handle action is smooth and comfortable.  The three jaw chuck accepts round, hex and traditional square auger bit shanks. Square auger style shanks fit deep into a recess and the round shank is clamped by the chuck for a strong, slip-free grip. The ratchet mechanism allows the brace to be used in confined spaces with ease making this a most useful tool for drilling, screw driving and removal. The best part is that no electricity is required! 10″ sweep, 14″ overall length.  Made in France.

Hand Drill, Light



Hand Drill, Light

Hand drills offer more than just slow speed drilling. They provide control and safety when drilling small, critical holes especially in materials that are prone to splitting. This quality drill is meant for lighter work and is useful for all woodworkers from student to seasoned pro. Single pinion gear design with wood handle and cast steel construction. Made by Schroeder of Germany

1/4″ chuck capacity, 9 1/4″ overall length