German Carving Mallets

The traditional bell shaped mallet used by generations of European craftsmen is now available to American carvers. The head is neatly and accurately turned from a solid piece of kiln dried hornbeam. The ash handle extends all the way through the head and is secured with a wedged joint at the bottom. The compact size, comfortable handle and perfect balance make this a tool you will use with pleasure and pride for years to come.

Weight 18 oz, overall length 10″, Head diameter 4″

Great for average size projects where control is more important than heavy stock removal.

Made in Germany by Two Cherries.

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515-3500 German Carving Mallet $43.00 Add to Cart
Brass Carver’s Mallet (backordered)

This Brass Carver’s Mallet provides unequaled control and balance in a compact design and is a real extension of the craftsman’s hand.  The turned brass head is joined to a maple handle to create and overall length of 5 3/4″.  The brass head is 1 5/16″ diameter.  Weighs 13 oz.

These small mallets are designed for light work where control and precision are important.  We suggest one of our Carver’s Mallets or the Brass Hammers below for heavier work where significant stock removal is a priority.

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13 oz. Brass Carver’s Mallet (backordered) $15.40 Add to Cart
crown-mallet Crown Round Mallet

This beechwood mallet is designed to be quiet and yet transmit the maximum blow. The handle is fastened to the head with a wedged joint for maximum durability and longevity.

18 oz weight, 4″ head diameter. Made in England by Crown Tools.

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Crown Mallet $54.00 Add to Cart
Dogyu Japanese Hammer

This shop hammer is a perfect general purpose tool. It has just the right balance and “heft” for all around hammering tasks such as driving nails and adjusting planes. The faceted 12″ Oak handle allows for a secure, comfortable grip. The 3 1/2″ hardened steel head has one convex side and one flat side. Overall weight is 1 lb 2 oz.

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775-6510 Japanese Hammer $47.00 Add to Cart
Joiner’s Hammers (European Style)

These multipurpose hammers feature a drop forged square head for easy access to corners and difficult areas. The narrow end is used to start small nails and brads.  An all around hammer that can be used for a variety of shop chores requiring a well balanced, dependable tool. Made in Austria by Stubai

Handles are the best quality Hickory. Overall length is 11 3/4 inches.

11 oz, 14 oz and 19 oz sizes available.

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11 oz. Joiners Hammer $15.95 Add to Cart


14 oz Joiners Hammer $18.95 Add to Cart
100504 19 oz Joiners Hammer $21.95 Add to Cart
Cabinetmaker’s Cross Peen Hammers

These traditional style Cross Peen Hammers with long hickory handles (also known as Warrington Hammers) are perfect for upholstery work and all tack and brad nailing. The narrow cross peen face allows starting tacks while holding between thumb and forefinger, and the opposite round face drives the tack home! Made by Woodstock International.

Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

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4 oz. Cabinetmakers Hammer $15.95 Add to Cart


8 oz Cabinetmaker’s Hammer $18.95 Add to Cart
English Warrington Hammer

Warrington hammers are traditional favorites with cabinetmakers and furniture makers for driving small brads and nails. The narrow cross peen end makes starting nails easy while the round end is used to drive them home. Also handy for general shop use where a well balanced, mid-weight hammer is needed.

14 oz. weight with hickory handle. Made in Germany.

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Warrington Hammer $29.85 Add to Cart
Brass Jeweler’s Hammer

This small brass hammer has flat and convex striking surfaces making it perfect for fine hammering and tool adjustment applications.

Measures 9 1/2″ long
5/8″ x 2″ solid brass head
Weighs 4 oz.

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Jeweler’s Hammer $11.95 Add to Cart