TC Mallet

German Carving Mallet



German Carving Mallets

The traditional bell shaped mallet used by generations of European craftsmen. The head is neatly and accurately turned from a solid piece of kiln dried hornbeam. The ash handle extends all the way through the head and is secured with a wedged joint at the bottom. Great for average-size projects where control is more important than heavy stock removal.

Weight 18 oz, overall length 10″, Head diameter 4″. Made in Germany by Two Cherries.

Brass Mallet 5

Brass Carvers Mallet



Brass Carver’s Mallet

This Brass Carver’s Mallet provides unequaled control and balance in a compact design and is a real extension of the craftsman’s hand.  These small mallets are designed for light work where control and precision are important. The turned brass head is joined to a maple handle to create and overall length of 5 3/4″.  The brass head is 1 5/16″ diameter.  Weighs 13 oz.

Crown Round Mallet



Crown Round Mallet

This beechwood mallet is designed to be quiet and yet transmit the maximum blow. The handle is fastened to the head with a wedged joint for maximum durability and longevity.

18 oz weight, 4″ head diameter. Made in England by Crown Tools.