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Why Custom Furniture

There was and age when quality was a way of life. Everyday objects such as furniture were carefully handcrafted using solid, honest materials. The craftsman signed his name to each piece, an assurance of excellence and integrity.

This era gradually gave way to the age of "industrialization." Mass produced objects became cheap and readily available. Traditional materials such as fine hardwoods were replaced with manufactured products such as particle board or vinyl veneer. Screws and staples replaced careful joinery. The results are familiar to all of us.

The alternative of fine, custom-crafted hardwood furniture is still available. Ron Diefenbacher designs and makes exquisite pieces to meet your needs and tastes. Your furniture is handcrafted using traditional methods of fine woodworking. Each piece is original and unique, a statement of individuality. This combination of fine design and quality craftsmanship results in furniture made to endure for generations, a contemporary heirloom.

Commissioning Custom Furniture

Commissioning a piece of furniture is different than buying from a store. The future piece may only be an idea in the mind of the client, or perhaps a picture from a book or magazine. How do you transform this vague concept into a beautiful, functional reality? The process may seem daunting to the uninitiated. To help you better understand here is an outline of a typical course of events.


Action Cost
1) Initial contact by client Set up first meeting No Cost
2) First Meeting Determine design and functional parameters. No Cost
3) Estimate I contact client after first meeting with rough estimate of the project cost. Estimate is not firm No Cost
4) Design I will prepare preliminary design drawings for your review. I will also work up a "firm estimate" at this time Amount of design fee depends on project.
5) Advance Payment When you have reviewed and approved the drawings you may initiate the project by returning a copy of the quotation with advance payment Advance payment equals 1/2 total cost.
6) Delivery A delivery schedule will be determined when the advance payment is received. Delivery date depends on my current work load Remaining 1/2 payment due on delivery