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Note:  Edge tools require honing before use.

Dastra Inside Bevel Violin Gouge

These inside bevel gouges are useful for shaping the corner blocks of violins. Pear- shaped handle. 9 1/2″ length. #6 18mm blade.



Stock Number Description Price Purchase
400-0618 Dastra Inside Bevel Gouge $41.00 Add to Cart


Corner Chisel

Turns rounded corner angles into accurate right angles. Made by Woodstock International.

5/8″ working depth

3/8″ cutting edge


Stock Number Description Price Purchase
D3630 Corner Chisel $15.00 Add to Cart


Marking Knife
A simple, effective tool for the accurate layout of all your projects. The carbon steel blade is beveled on one side and flat on the other. The flat side rides against a straight edge as it scribes a fine, precision line. The comfortable rosewood handle is pinned to the blade to ensure a lifetime of flawless service.Length: 6 1/2″Blade: 3/4″ width
Stock Number Description Price Purchase
605-5000 Marking Knife $9.00 Add to Cart


Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels

Stanley has reintroduced their venerable “750” series Sweetheart Socket Chisel for the modern woodworker seeking a quality “everyday chisel”. These well-balanced tools can be used for paring or mallet work and will quickly become the chisel of choice for your finest woodworking projects. The carbon steel blades are forged in England and are properly hardened and tempered to hold a keen, long-lasting edge. Hornbeam is a favorite handle wood known for it’s toughness and durability. In every respect these chisels are tools you will be proud to own and pleased to use.

Overall length 8 1/2″ – 10 1/4


Stock Number Size Price Purchase
16-782 1/4″  Stanley Socket Chisel $25.75 Add to Cart


square-edge-chisel Two Cherries Square Edge Chisel

Features the same high quality steel blades and wood handles as all our Two Cherries tools. The square blade edges give extra strength for heavy duty work. 26mm blade width.

Stock Number Size Price Purchase
500-1526S 26mm Square Edge Chisel $35.00 Add to Cart


Dovetail Marker

This simple tool is used to mark the dovetail pin angles on the end of your boards. This important layout step is critical in making neat, accurate dovetail joints. The two sided marker has 1:8 angles for hardwoods and 1:5 angles for softwoods. Marks stock up to 1″ thick.

Available in stainless steel or brass.










Stainless Steel

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
105-1005 Dovetail Marker, Steel $20.00 Add
to Cart
625-2000 Dovetail Marker, Brass $25.00 Add
to Cart


spi-caliper Dial Caliper

This light, handy tool is made of a durable, corrosion resistant Super-Polymid.

6″ measuring capacity, 0.1mm increments on the dial, 10mm per revolution of the dial. Scale includes both metric and inches.

Made in Switzerland by Swiss Precision Instruments.

D-2922 SPI Dial Caliper $37.00 Add to Cart


aluminum-square-1 Aluminum Square

These high precision aluminum squares feature a beveled scale with inside and outside graduations. 10″ or 12″ length.

Note: Some of these items may have minor imperfections.


Stock Number Description Price Purchase
D3068 10″ Aluminum Square $14.00 Add to Cart
D3069 12″ Aluminum Square $16.00 Add to Cart
crown-scraper Scraper

This 9″ triangular scraper is fitted with a hardened and tempered steel blade, with a riveted shank running the full length of the wooden handle. Made in England by Crown Tools.


20170 Crown Scraper $17.00 Add to Cart