Dastra Sale Items

These miscellaneous chisels and gouges have been discontinued from our inventory, but are new, top-quality tools with no defects. They are sold here at a reduced price. Blades hardened to Rc61. Made in Germany by Dastra.

Dastra Woodworking Tools
101-3910 #39 V Chisel 10mm $40.00 Add to Cart
101-1710 #17 Long Bent Gouge 10mm (#8 Sweep) $39.00 Add to Cart
101-4208 #42-8 Long Bent V Chisel 8mm (#41 Sweep) $40.00 Add to Cart
101-4225 #42-25 Long Bent V Chisel 25mm (#41 Sweep) $78.00 Add to Cart
101-4630 #46-30 Long Bent V Chisel 30mm (#41 Sweep) $78.00 Add to Cart