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The items on this page are offered at reduced prices and are new, top quality tools.  The only thing missing is the higher price. Please note that some quantities may be limited, so do not hesitate if you see something you want.

(Tools on this page come and go.  Check back periodically to see what's new!) 

Note:  Edge tools require honing before use.


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Hornbeam Carving Tool Handles                                                                Sale!

This premium handle is removed from new blades (which we fit with our own handles). The hole is still in the handle and can be used as-is or drilled out and fitted with a hardwood plug so they can be adapted to your own needs.

The octagon shape makes these handles perfect for carving tools, chisels, files, rasps and many other hand tool applications. Lacquered hornbeam with a plated steel ferrules.

5 5/8" L x 1" diameter

Please note that quantities are limited.

Stock Number

Description Price Purchase


Hornbeam Handle Sale $4.25 Add to Cart


Carver's Mallet on sale!

Angico is a tropical wood known for it's density and heavy weight.  It makes an excellent substitute for Lignum Vitae, the traditional mallet wood . The head is turned from a solid block of wood and the handle extends all the way through the head and is secured with a wedged joint at the bottom. Unlike Lignum Vitae, Angico is not prone to cracking and checking in North American climates. Made in Brazil
Protective wax coating.

See condition note below:

Weight: 22 oz
Length: 9 1/2"
Head Diameter: 3 1/4"


Some of these mallets come to us with small cosmetic checks in the wood head. These are perfectly good mallets and you can expect to get a full useful life out of them. However, we feel that they cannot be sold at full price ($29.95) so we offer them here at a significant savings. Quantities are limited and sometimes unavailable so if this looks like a good deal to you don't hesitate.

B15S Sale Angico Mallet Sale $24.95 Add to Cart


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What Our Customers Say:

Thanks for your "VERY QUICK" response!!!!!  I know now where my business is going.  Thank you and look forward to many years of business with you and your company.

B.B.   Indianapolis


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