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Sharpening Equipment Page 1


250/1000 Double-sided Waterstone

The 250 grit coarse side is used to quickly refurbish a really dull or badly nicked tool. The medium 1000 grit side will remove coarse scratches and prepare the tool for final polishing and honing.
King waterstones are recognized for their quality and affordability.

Stone size: 8" x 2" x 1".

Soak in water and keep wet while in use.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
407-2510 250/1000 Waterstone $28.00 Add to Cart




wpe22.jpg (3162 bytes)

Round Edge Slip Stones

One round edge and one thin edge make these stones an excellent choice for sharpening carving tools, firmer gouges and turning tools. The India is a man-made stone that quickly shapes and sharpens an edge. The Hard Arkansas is a fine grit natural stone used to hone the edge razor sharp.  The Soft Arkansas is a medium grit natural stone suitable for intermediate sharpening steps.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
340-1720 India (Medium)  4 1/2" x 1 3/4   $14.25   Add to Cart
340-1650 Hard (Fine) Arkansas  4" x 1 3/4"        $26.50       Add to Cart
340-1700 Soft (Medium) Arkansas  4" x1 3/4"" $22.75 Add to Cart



Gouge Waterstone Slip

These useful sharpening stones feature a tapering profile with one concave side and one convex side. Ideal for honing the bevel side and inside of carving gouges. Soak in water before using. Stones are 6" long and taper from 2 5/16" to 9/16" at the small end.


Stock Number Description Price Purchase
705-4010 1000 Grit (Medium) Gouge Slipstone $34.95 Add to Cart
705-4015 4000 Grit (Fine) Gouge Slipstone $37.95 Add to Cart



Hard Arkansas Slipstones

A good set of fine slipstones is essential for sharpening carving tools.  This four piece set includes a selection of shapes suitable for honing a razor edge on all of your carving tools.  Each stone is carefully manufactured from the finest natural Hard Arkansas Stone.
Various profiles include: knife edge, tapered, double tapered, flat edge and round edge.

2 1/4" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
HAS-04 Arkansas 4 Pc Slipstone Set $39.95 Add to Cart


Sharpening Equipment Page 1


wpeC0.jpg (4496 bytes) Tool Strop

Experienced and professional carvers prefer to finish off the sharpening process by stropping the tool to a razor edge.  Our 7" x 1 1/2" composite strop has a large, flat surface, one rounded edge and a sharp end.  Perfect for all shapes and sizes of carving tools. chisels and plane irons.   Stropping is easy; just sprinkle on a pinch of the abrasive powder and pull the tools edge across the strop.  Your tools will be honed to a new level of sharpness.   Instructions included.

Stock Number Description Price Purchase
WD-400 Strop $13.95 Add to Cart
WD-402 Abrasive Powder $4.95 Add to Cart





 Diamond Hone (4 Sided)

Rotate the diamond hone to expose four different grits for any flat sharpening need. Color coded honing surfaces measure 2" x 6" and include 200, 300, 400 and 600 grits. The perforated surface keeps the hone clog-free by preventing the build up of metal particles. Just add a light honing oil (or WD-40) to lubricate and clean the honing surfaces. The plastic stand features slip resistant rubber feet.


Stock Number Description Price Purchase
D3657 4 Sided Diamond Hone $32.95 Add to Cart


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