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Anant Rabbet.jpg (8350 bytes) Bullnose Rabbet Plane

Rabbet planes are the best tools for trimming shoulders, rabbets, grooves and tenons.  Because the blade extends out to the sides of the plane, access to right angle corners is possible.  The style of this rabbet plane is known as "bullnose" which describes the short extension in front of the blade.  This short nose piece makes it possible to work close in corners and hard-to-reach areas.   The front can be removed allowing this tool to also be used as a chisel plane.

This solid, hefty plane is made in India and represents an excellent value for woodworkers of all levels. Overall length 5 1/2",  1 1/8" wide blade.

As with all but the most expensive planes, this tool requires some tune up to achieve it's maximum potential.  Your effort will be rewarded with excellent results!  Instructions included.


Stock Number Price Purchase

    Bullnose Rabbet Plane  

895-4400 $69.95 Add to Cart





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Ibex Violin Makers Planes (Curved Sole)

Ibex Violin Makers Planes are the finest available. Designed by Irving Sloane they are cast in silicon bronze and feature a curved bottom design for easy shaping of concave surfaces. The large thumbscrew allows quick and secure adjustment of the chrome vanadium steel blade. 

Bottom curvature is both front to back and side to side. 

Description Stock Number Price Purchase
 8mm blade x 25mm length Ibex Plane 50501 $66.00 Add to Cart
8mm Standard Replacement Blade 50506-8 $22.00 Add to Cart
8mm Toothed Replacement Blade 50507-8 $23.00 Add to Cart
 10mm blade x 30mm length Ibex Plane 50502 $68.00 Add to Cart
10mm Standard Replacement Blade 50506-10 $22.00 Add to Cart
10mm Toothed Replacement Blade 50507-10 $23.00 Add to Cart
 12mm blade x 36mm length Ibex Plane 50503 $70.00 Add to Cart
12mm Standard Replacement Blade 50506-12 $22.00 Add to Cart
12mm Toothed Replacement Blade 50507-12 $23.00 Add to Cart
 18mm blade x 47mm length Ibex Plane 50504 $76.00 Add to Cart
18mm Standard Replacement Blade 50506-18 $22.00 Add to Cart
18mm Toothed Replacement Blade 50507-18 $23.00 Add to Cart


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  Ibex Precision Plane (Flat Sole)

60mm (2 3/8") length with 22.5mm (7/8") blade width. Built to the same specifications as the violin planes but with a flat sole and parallel sides. Perfect for instrument making and all woodworking where a small, precision plane is needed.

Stock Number


Price Purchase
50505 Ibex Precision Plane $85.00 Add to Cart
50506-22 22.5mm Replacement Blade $24.00 Add to Cart
50509-22 22.5mm Toothed Replacement Blade $24.00 Add to Cart


Pocket Planes

These German made planes are just the tool for small, detailed work. The body is 3 3/8" long and the blade width is 15/16". Flat bottom planes are available with or without a raised palm handle.

Kunz Planes.jpg (51657 bytes)


Stock Number Price Purchase
Pocket Plane 580-2300 $24.65 Add to Cart
Pocket Plane with Raised Handle 580-2200 $25.50 Add to Cart
Replacement Blade 580-2301 $4.75 Add to Cart


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