Our founder, Ron Diefenbacher, has many years of experience as a professional woodworker and furniture designer. Ron’s family comes from a long line of violin makers going back to the late 18th century. He first became interested in woodworking in his junior high school shop class, and as a teenager he acquired his first tools from a neighbor.

As a college student Ron took classes from a traditional woodcarver who lived in the mountains nearby, which rejuvenated his enthusiasm for working with wood. After a few years of working as a teacher, Ron decided to become a full-time woodworker and completed an MA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After completing his degree, he moved to St. Louis where he established himself as a designer and maker of custom furniture.

In 1998, Ron started Diefenbacher Tools. The business is now located in Colorado and managed by his daughter, Rachel. See more of Ron’s work here.