Inspiration for my designs come from many sources. Sometimes a shape or a single piece of interesting wood spurs the beginning of a piece. Ideas for details come from observing the natural world, the sweeping curves of branches on a tree or the organic shape of a flower. These inspirations often guide me to create furniture with a delicate, sculptural presence. The end result is a piece which expresses a sense of detail and a strong respect for the uniqueness of wood.

Cherry Dining Table
Cherry and Ebony

This veneer and solid wood table has two extensions leaves which bring the length to 10 feet. The curved pedestal legs, slats and round disk all were employed to impart a geometric theme to the overall design.

Large Side Table
Walnut and Lacewood

This piece is highlighted by bold sweeping curves of the supporting legs. Contrasting woods and bright red accents add interest and variety to the design. Joinery is mortise and tenon with sliding dovetail drawer joints.

Walnut Side Table
walnut and maple

The geometric motifs of this design suggest a “Southwest” influence. The contrasting maple accents the angular shapes and lines of this table. Mortise and tenon joints connect aprons to legs and the drawer joints are hand cut dovetails

Maple End Table
Maple and Ebony

Cousin to the Walnut Side Table, this piece is similar in design and construction. Intended as a lamp table is has a small drawer and lower shelf to store living room “paraphernalia.”

Conference Table
Padauk and Ebony

The round ends set this table design apart from the Cherry Dining Table. The veneered top is inlaid with strips of padauk wood running across the grain. The solid wood base is assembled with mortise and tenon joints.

Coffee Table
Ash and Walnut

The one-half inch thick glass top floats above this gracefully sculpted ash base. Exposed mortise and tenon joinery with walnut wedges accent the design.


A modern interpretation of classic Chinese furniture motifs crafted of flamboyant koa wood. Frame and case work joined with mortise and tenon joints while drawers are dovetailed.

Stand-up Writing Desk and Stool

This writing desk is designed for the person who prefers to work standing or perched on a stool. The two upper drawers hide small desk clutter while the cubbies on either side organize stationery and paperwork. Mortise and tenon joinery with handcrafted dovetail joints on drawers.

Display Cabinet
Padauk and Ebony

This is an elegant cabinet designed for the display of fine objects. The sculpted ebony handles accent the strong vertical lines of the framework. Glass panels and glass shelves allow for maximum viewing of displayed items.

China Cabinet
L36″ x W14″ x H84″

An elegant cabinet for storage and display of fine objects. Design features include a gently bowed front with two storage drawers below and glass-paneled display doors above. Upper sections has two adjustable shelves.

Display Cabinet
Cherry and Birdseye Maple

This playful design was created to house a large collections of classic cartoon figurines. Construction techniques include mortise and tenon joinery, veneered Birdseye maple columns and etched glass door panels

Accessory Cabinet

Sculpted handles flow into the curves of this cabinet’s legs. The interior features two adjustable shelves and a small removable drawer.

Rocking Chair

This exceptionally comfortable chair combines beauty and function. Graceful lines of the upholstered back accentuate the sweeping curves of the high padauk framework.

Dining Chairs
Cherry and Ebony

These chairs were designed to go with the Cherry Dining Table. Curved components such as the legs and back support slats were band sawn to shape then finished with spokeshaves, rasps and scrapers. All mortise and tenon joints are pinned with small dowels for extra strength

Universal Lamp
Base 24″x H80″
Padauk and Acrylic

This tall floor lamp features bent laminated strips of padauk wood sweeping up to support an acrylic shade and light fixture. Spheres and rings complete the “universal” motif.

Century Lamp
Maple and Moradillo

The alternating light and dark woods sweep upward in a column, blossoming into a beautiful light sculpture.

Bird Lamp (Pescadero Lamp)
24″ base x H84″
Teak and Ebony

Half lamp, half sculpture this functional piece has a 300W halogen bulb inside a spun copper bowl. The hand carved, ebonized walnut birds seem to be perched around the bird bath. Slip joints join the angular leg components and ebony accents contrast with the oiled teakwood frame

Photo credits: Randall Hyman, Natalie Pelafos, David Kingsbury