Since 1858, Two Cherries has been making some of the finest German tools for woodworking. Many of our customers wish to upgrade to a professional, “serious” chisel, and few brands can compare to the quality and edge retention of our Two Cherries tools.

Two Cherries woodworking tools are made of high-carbon steel hardened to Rc61 over the entire useful length of the blade, which means they will hold an edge longer than many other chisel brands. Though the factory now uses some modern equipment, they still do much of the process by hand to ensure quality.

The blades of Two Cherries tools are heat-treated using a salt bath method. The angles of the chisels are ground to 25 degrees. After heat treating, the blades are polished to a high gloss finish using a unique method developed by the company. Finally, they are fitted to a double hooped hornbeam handle and are ready for sale. The carving tools come sharp and ready to use, but the chisels require a small amount of honing before use.

In addition to their bench chisels, we carry a variety of different woodworking tools from Two Cherries, including carving knives, firmer gouges, micro gouges, mortise chisels, and more.

“In a world of mass production and abundance, we consciously retain our skilled craftsmanship, perfection, and refinement of design.”

If you need advice on sharpening your new Two Cherries chisels, have a look at this 45 minute video on sharpening a bench chisel. This informative lesson produced by the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine covers all the basics of sharpening with stones and a grinder (using a Two Cherries bench chisel as the model).

A tour of the Two Cherries factory and an inside look at all the different stages that go into making their chisels.