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Fine Hand Tools for the Woodworker

Diefenbacher Tools is a family-owned business dedicated to providing woodworkers with the highest-quality woodworking hand tools.  We offer some of the finest chisels, gouges, luthier tools, planes, saws and more.

We have used and evaluated each of the brands that we carry before including them in our catalog so that you can be confident of the quality and usefulness of your investment.

Questions about our products? Call us at 720-502-6687

Student Discount

We offer a 10% discount to students enrolled in woodworking or lutherie programs. Please contact us for more information.

Mary May Set

We carry a  Six Piece Dastra Fishtail Set recommended by carving teacher Mary May for beginning woodcarvers. Individual Fishtails are sold here.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I recently purchased a 1/2″ paring chisel to use in my instrument making and repair work.  What a great tool!  My collection includes German, English, and Japanese tools and your chisel matches or exceeds them all…and for a lot less money!

I received my two paring chisels today…My guitars will be proud to be touched by such precise blades.  Thank you again for the excellent service and for selling such a quality product. Musically yours,

I bought a set of Diefenbacher Firmer Chisels. I am very pleased. They sharpened up quickly. Took a good edge and cut great. These are the chisels my Blue Chips dream of being.  Great tools and the customer service was great also.

The Firmer Chisels are fine tools. The large handle makes them easy to control and the steel holds a great edge even when I use it hard.  For the money, no tool I know of compares in looks and quality.